Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Interface Design - Print Ad Inspiration

On this one, I really liked the color choicese and the free flowing attitude of it. I also took from it the central theme and made my graphics flow to the center. It is once again simple, but I feel it is necessary to pull it off.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm Confused

Where are these white blocks coming from. This website is evil

Interface Design - Music Inspiration

This idea came more from the certain aspect of the song rather than a meaning or lyrics. The part I take from is the towards the end ( 4:00-5:55 ). Its a part where the song breaks from the low tone and very mellow attitude and kinda launches itself into a new feeling. I felt the best way to follow this, is through a semi-abstract breakthrough image. Overall, this is the most simplest form of the website I played with.

Interface Design - Movie Inspiration

Adding the finishing touches to my 4 interface designs, the idea for this one was based off of the movie Gladiator. The main thing I took from it was that dirty worn down, dusty feel of this picture that represents the movie as well. Much of the main emphasis is in the colors and the background and divisions.