Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Interface Design - Music Inspiration

This idea came more from the certain aspect of the song rather than a meaning or lyrics. The part I take from is the towards the end ( 4:00-5:55 ). Its a part where the song breaks from the low tone and very mellow attitude and kinda launches itself into a new feeling. I felt the best way to follow this, is through a semi-abstract breakthrough image. Overall, this is the most simplest form of the website I played with.


Marcelo Meijome said...

I like the abstract part with the veer logo and the links. It looks a lot like something you would see done with motion graphics, kind of like that new blackberry commercial with all the stuff moving around and then forming the phone. This could make a really cool flash site.

Anonymous said...

I agree I really like the abstract design on the Interface. This caught my eye right away which I feel is exactly what it should do.

aiicon said...

I love your photoshop painting.!
However, arrangement could have improved.